Nicholas Papadimitriou

Organist, Pianist, Composer & Music Teacher
Nicholas Papadimitriou

Welcome to my page on Musicaneo!

Currently in the Master's program at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, I am active as an Organist, Pianist, Teacher, and Composer.

Over the past years, I have found myself very interested in the creative and educative part of music making, something which led me to turn my focus towards the field of Improvisation, both from a performing as well as an educative point of view. In addition, I am also working on developing teaching methods that promote innovation & creativity in music making as well as teaching.

My composition style relies more on mere 'music aesthetics' than on trying to 'reinvent the wheel'. As a result, I don't consider myself a 'revolutionary' composer, but instead, I use already existing tools to express my musical concepts and ideas through the prism of my own personality. 

As one of my greatest teachers said, 'If you are served a delicious meal in a restaurant, it doesn't matter how exactly the chef made it, it matters that it is delicious!'. 

Feel free to browse through my works, contact me for any acquisitions, or simply express your opinion.

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